Sturm und drang

Asparagus, Q. Cassetti, 2012, vectorIf tomorrow is Super Tuesday, does this make it Super Monday? I am loving the sturm und drang of the Republicans—all of it comic and ridiculous with the current apex of insanity being el Rushbo nationally calling out a 23 year old law student calling her a prostitute. El Rushbo is a rude, arrogant brute who vascillates between being sewn onto the coat of Republican party and denying his engagement in this group. He is a vicious man with a bully pulpit that speaks to the tremendously vocal minority. I used to think he was funny in his insanity, but this recent episode has eliminated all the funny this ass espouses. I hope that the bile splashback onto the Republican party is significant and lasting. It is alarming to me that to  the Republicans, contraception is more imporant than world affairs, more important thans olvency, more important than energy, pollution, education, the future. What does the consititutional right of religion have to do with each and every individual woman making independent and personal decisions about her own health and body? What is about bringing contraception into the office and allowing one’s boss to decide who gets it covered or not (Blunt Rubio amendment).

There is a right and wrong in this matter. It is an individual decision…the right of the individual versus a societal one. Why is it that these men have any, ANY say in this matter? What is with this nasty vaginal probe requirement in Virginia? Each and every legislator who votes for this should have to experience it before voting (and be FORCED to see  the monitor). No one can make decisions about  other people’s bodies particularly the “weaker” sex. I hope someone is doing some pretty intense pollling just to confirm that the Republicans do not care for the women’s vote as they have, to my thinking, cast it right in the garbage. Say good bye to 50.8% of the votes. Enough for my angry, mismatched ramblings…it just obscene that we are focusing on things that isnt a group decision but that of an individual. There is so much more to talk about and resolve to make the world a better place.

Thank you for your patience today. Just had to say it.


Theatre tonight

Hairhopper, Q. Cassetti, 2012, pen and inkIt feels like a teensy fever with a bad head cold. Not enjoying this in the least bit. I am wheezing and fluid. Yuck to the tenth degree. But nothing, not even the extreme desire to sleep will keep me from the freak show on television tonight, better than the Kardashians, better than any estrogen fueled bridal screamfest, better than towers of candycolored cupcakes or the lathered up spewing of the Fox News nuts—-will be  Newt Fest tonight on NBC. The cast of characters today, will be all hyped up and ready to get Newt and get Willard the Mitt—from their infidelities to their extreme wealth just promises to be a true 3 or four ring circus.

I am planning lots of hot tea for my throat, sharp non-photo blue pencils at my elbow and the needle point Optiflow (from Staples) to keep me amused. Alex will be doing the theatre thing…so I am solo for this activity…so drawing and pet cuddling will be in order for this political theater. I hope they play the music with the patriotic bells (only for the election related stuff and the Olympics do we get this treat).

Here is the Hairhopper body of work for now>> I am always kind of stunned when the incoming graduate students worry about their thesis so much as a body of work (only 6 images max) proves to be such a hurtle. I have been working on this grouping since January 8— and have another few weeks on it…before I either go to another thing, or start massaging these drawings by adding color/tone to see where they could go. Of the current group, there is at least 8 that could be culled out for a body of work that could be a thesis….Maybe I should be doing more writing around these bodies of work so as to truly process the thinking and where my head is as I do this. Right now, I am doing this as I am loving the line…and interestingly, hair is a universal too…so there are plenty of heads, hair, and fanasy around that which keeps it amusing.

I had a wonderful, energizing meeting with another pair of young farmers— learning quite a bit from them about local resources, their philosophy and raison d’etre and talk about what sets them apart. More on them soon. Lets just say, I am charged up.

Station break

hairhopper, Q. Cassetti, 2012, pen and inkCold and hard as diamonds this morning as we got Alex off to the ski bus before 8. He was dead tired as he had the Snowball at school last night until midnight, and as is his tradition, he stays up until 3 a.m. His loss. His fatigue. The snow is fresh, so get out there and hit the slopes. The patterns on our old windows were quite spectacular and in one instance it was if jack frost was working with lines as well, giving us drawings that were Mucha-esque in their expression.

Elly came over with her hawk yesterday to hunt on our property. Tucker, her hawk was a bit thinner than usual and I guess that was the trick. Elly and Alex went out into the back 40 and let Tucker fly. They saw a few squirrels who were scrambling about, so they beat the trees to get the squirrels going—and get Tucker to get the idea. And he did! This is the biggest trophy he has landed to Alex and Elly’s grinning delight. He had a terrific feast and all was well with the world (except for all of Ellly’s apologizing for Tucker making a mess?).  Not your usual teen sport.

I am fighting off some sort of stuff, so I have been feeling tired and spent the day quietly with a few friends dropping by to chat and my pen filling the page with more hair. I am so in love with these lines that it is pretty addictive just letting your arm move over the page and see what evolves once the big shapes are roughed in in blue pencil. Speaking of blue pencil, I was trolling my most fabulous, most favorite site for all things in the graphic media department, JetPens to discover I am not the only fiend for non-photo blue pencils. They have a whole gosh darn section devoted to them>>from mechanical pencil leads (!) to gel pens. I also delighted in their white pens some of which were being postitioned to be as good or better than white out pens (my favorite being the Pentel Presto). I was also intrigued by the variety of black inks available thanks to the Manga artists out there. Deleter Inks have six different black inks (matte/waterproof, drawing and painting, waterproof and extra dark, fast drying, eraser safe, and glossy). And again thanks to Manga—pen nibs and holders are no longer the rarity that they were until recently. Phew! And if you want to really go deep, their “asian office supplies” are for the stout of heart…and can make some people run screaming into the night (my husband, for one). But, if you are patient, here are some shining examples of the jewels>> here>> and here>> and oops here>>. You get the idea. And I have saved some of the best for you to discover. Relish the idea that yes, this stuff is sold, that someone may actually buy this stuff to USE and that it all might end up in the garbage…. But, if you love brush pens (as I soooo do), this is the supermarket for brush pens that you can shop until you drop—and use until the brush falters, splays or dies due to over use. JetPens, the best.

Today Rob and I are going to Famous Brands in Watkins Glen to get Rob a pair of stylish, and yet so functional, steel toed shoes (necessary for the site visits that he will make on his new project). I hope to use our new grill (recently hooked up!!). And maybe more lounging…and political mastication TV. I am loving this Republican fun—with all the pundits and faux pas. The roster of candidates is so perfect, I am puzzling over who did the casting? We have Captain OOps! and the odd Mr. Paul (always surrounded by his family—a visual display on how crazy the looks got with the DNA), Rick Santimonious (as someone from the Keystone State, this man is too righteous and sanctimonious…but def. is a character study). Poor Mitt is a ticking timebomb ready to go off. Too much stuff to be “disclosed”— and if anyone really gets a whiff at the Mormon stuff (Terrestial/ Celestial kingdoms, celestial babies, baptizing the dead through surrogates, the temple garments)—the “American” people will  go apeshit.

And now we have Newt center stage with Callista (with the most bionic hair in the universe—and her mean, thin, wrong red mouth)—the ‘bullyboy” getting ready to take on our gentleman in the White House. Such bluster, such presence…almost victorian/ Boss Tweed style antics (or so I could imagine). Newt and the missus are so Thomas Nast-ian characters, the illlustrations are going to be SWEET.  

Steve Broder is on it>> “Suicidal Person of the Day”>> Zina Saunders is dead on too, (see her recent image of Newt on Cartoon Movement>>) 

The only thing that might make it better is to have either Herman Cain (my absolute favorite—the “Herman Cain Art Project” as the brilliantly funny Rachel Maddow delighted in embroidering on) or Sarah Palin join the fray. President Obama will need to take the gloves off with this blowhard. No gentlemanly sparring with this new crew. And just one question as the bombs are being launched—and the dirty laundry being airred, “Where is the former (or is he still) leader of the party, George Bush?”. Is this his legacy? Shameful and pathetic.

Enough of my preaching and art supply talk. Need to move forward.

" Praise song for walking forward into that light"

I was teary first thing this morning at the House of Health, not because my muscles were burning but from the visuals of waiting and watching for Barak and Michelle Obama to get into their car to go to church for prayer and reflection prior to taking the mantle of responsibility and power in this new job. It struck me as remarkable--a quiet waiting time, a time we have experienced with family and self, of waiting for the bride. Waiting for her moment before she goes to the church to make vows--leaving her old life , and contracting with her partner to make a new life..joining forces, joining families, joining with her beloved. Obama is our bride. Obama has married us--and has taken on new forces, new families and is forging his own future with ours. His gravitas and sobriety in his demeanor and speech is steadying and affirming. I love it that Obama has had dinners with his former foes (that with John McCain), that he is attempting to bridge and bring some maturing and new life into this role. It is a new day to see GW Bush get on the plane and go back to Texas and Dick Cheney get wheeled out of town. We need this change. We need a focus and positive motion around our lives as Americans that speaks to personal responsibilty, to service to the common good. Now the work begins.

Frosty here. Beginning to engage in how to fix the Luckystone. Calls in to the right people. Small steps, small tactical steps.

Gig at the Rongovian Embassy tonight. There is an inaugural ball (as an aside, the Rongovian Embassy has been known for these sorts of escapades in the past):

Plans are finalized for an evening of solemnity and hilarity -- a little schizophrenic, but that's how things go in Rongovia. The band's tuning up, official visas have been produced and certified, the Chorus of Greater Rongovia has sprayed their collective uvulae with Fingerlakes Lite Toothwash and Tonsil Oil in preparation for the singing of "God Bless Rongovia," and sundry public and not-so-public officials, including Mayor Marty Petrovic, Ulysses Town Councilwoman Liz Thomas, and the Grand Poobah of Rongovia, Larry Reverby, will be offering greetings from their respective republics and duchies. If you miss the inauguration (some of us DO have jobs) there'll be nearly instant replay on the huge RONGOTRON. In an effort to maintain a semblance of order, the Royal Court has appointed Dan Burgevin Herald and Master of Ceremonies. Bring your republic's greetings.

The Rongovian Mixologist General has devised an addition to the Bastard menu -- come and toast change with a Departing Bastard. Need proof you were there? Have your photo taken with a full-sized cardboard cutout of Barack Obama.
Plans are finalized for an evening of solemnity and hilarity -- a little schizophrenic, but that's how things go in Rongovia. The band's tuning up, official visas have been produced and certified, the Chorus of Greater Rongovia has sprayed their collective uvulae with Fingerlakes Lite Toothwash and Tonsil Oil in preparation for the singing of "God Bless Rongovia," and sundry public and not-so-public officials, including Mayor Marty Petrovic, Ulysses Town Councilwoman Liz Thomas, and the Grand Poobah of Rongovia, Larry Reverby, will be offering greetings from their respective republics and duchies. If you miss the inauguration (some of us DO have jobs) there'll be nearly instant replay on the huge RONGOTRON. In an effort to maintain a semblance of order, the Royal Court has appointed Dan Burgevin Herald and Master of Ceremonies. Bring your republic's greetings.

The Rongovian Mixologist General has devised an addition to the Bastard menu -- come and toast change with a Departing Bastard. Need proof you were there? Have your photo taken with a full-sized cardboard cutout of Barack Obama.

Note: The Bastard Menu is a drink menu of punch type drinks from 14850 dining:"I highly recommend the series of bastard drinks, properly consumed in order... the suffering bastard, dying bastard, and dead bastard. These insidious libations have a little bite, a little sweetness, and a little fruitiness, and each drink in the series adds one more ingredient." To think there is now a new drink, the Departing Bastard. Cin Cin to that!

New horizon. New Day.

Tears all around. Obama triumphant! This is a paradigm shift. It is beyond just the office of the President in new hands--but one of the dreams of the sixties have been realized. I was pleased that we all behaved like adults, with John McCain being a gentleman in his speechifiying and his concession talk. Perhaps new President Elect Obama can take the rest of the week off, get his head together and get those two dear girls the puppy they were promised. Now, the question is what kind of puppy? A little taupe pug...named Sally (after the former almost Vice President?) that they dress in clothes from fancy department stores. Sarah Palin will be taking her brown paper bags laden with all of her contributions from Saks Fifth Avenue to Salvation Army today. The denim shirt goes back on and she can go back to being the Queen of Alaska. Can you imagine that crown? It was fun getting to know her husband, Willow, Piper, Bay, Trig and Tron(?)--and look forward to how team Palin is getting packaged and repositioned for the next go-round.

Now on to business. Things calming down, a bit. Meeting today about the logo project. Need to get details on the web project....message from the client contact and the technical requirements don't seem to match up. So, a call to the tech guys need to happen. Outputting a bunch of images for a chat with Doug Andersen, my thesis advisor from Hartford. Again, just the prep is educational. I have been feeling like I haven't dont much, but there is a style evolving, and a technical approach evolving. By March, I should be further ahead with more work. Its all been uphill learning...and I have one or two that might be able to be finalized (or final already). I still don't think that there is enough work given the time we have had off...but it is what it is...and with the time between now and March there is ski club weekends, and blocks of time that the Art Trail took up. So, probably by our San Francisco trip, I will have the NY picture (a vector portrait of the Statue>>big big big, and the same of a pigeon or a NYC greek coffee cup, and a John Alcorn inspired image cooking in the cooker). And, I should have at least 3 + finalized images for the thesis. Need to review the thesis paperwork so I can get the less directed work done in advance. Plenty of down time and plane time between now and New Years.

More later

Hope or Status Quo?

Well, here we are. SHrillery is on her way out...taking her marbles and her bossy, chiding way away from all of us. Thank goodness. Shrillery may have had good thing to say, but the whole "mommy", "nag" and image that she projected in voice and message became, for me too much. I know that I will be labelled as anti woman (albeit I voted for her), anti progress with these snippy comments, but in the world of politics--her tone, her link to Bill, her naggy, harsh delivery to messages that were sometimes lies, truth stretching etc--but she did not project confidence, control,a thoughtful perspective. She wears an imaginary apron and wields a spoon--pointing out what right and wrong a harsh way. And, my emotional reaction to her is always one of anger and lack of comfort. I was never in her court the way she handled the health care project in Bill's White House, the unpleasant way of "not making cookies", and her lack of public anger and seeming acceptance of Bill's picadillos. If this campaign with the prize being the presidency was the payout for his ridiculous behavior--then payback is complete. I am happy she is out....albeit always with the last laugh--insisting that she would consider being a running mate which would have little traction for Obama...with quips behind the hand saying all she wants is to be she can refuse.

Now we have two candidates. Both of them viable. One with age and experience who embraces the Bush doctrine, who supports the war to indicate it will be one hundred years...etc. The other is untried and seemingly a bit lightweight. He represents hope, and change. Essentially, anti- status Quo. The hamburger is getting ready to be thrown for the two of them to fight over the prize...throwing ugliness,unfairly accusing each other with the spinmeisters creating issues and drawing relationships where they might not be anything at all. Yawn. Let's see what happens.

I am happy at least we have resolution.

Got the Toivo CD and package done yesterday. Rich Koski, the heart of the group and a two row diatonic button accordianist, was the Performer of the Year by the Finlandia Foundation National, 2004. Rich told me that with some of the proceeds from the touring he did with this award, he accumulated money to buy an accordian that he travelled to a small town in Italy that had over 50 family run accordian factories that sounded like bliss for someone of his recognition and ability. The graphics incorporate an illustration by Annie Campbell as requested by Rich...with blocks of color and a ton of copy. Looks nice...clean...friendly like the music.

Am noodling with a bunch of stuff. I am making myself nuts with the dream project. Thought I might do a half dozen hair pictures (using the quicky Marie Antoinette as the jumping off point) with Marie Antoinette, Louis Quatorze, George Washington, Andy Warhol, a flippy fifties (Marilyn? Doris Day?), Custer? or Buffalo Bill? Maybe? or florals>? just going down the lane with that? New deadline. Not to actively think about it and just go into making/doing until mid June and then focus. Need to contact Bunny Carter about the level of tightness she means when she talks about thumbnails...Mini pictures? or loosy goosie?

More later. Sorry for my miss yesterday. Just was swamped.

What is right?

Today is Memorial Day, the day we honor our veterans, injured and dead. It is a day we should reflect on the efforts and sacrifices that these individuals and their families have given in the name of peace, liberty and freedom. It is a day we should put these people first and foremost in our thoughts and prayer but, also to reflect on the state we are in as a nation.

It is a particularly poignant day for me as it has been on my mind for the past week--and the question of rightness keeps coming to the fore of my thinking. What is right? Is it right for us to be in a military engagement with no end in sight? Is it right to be involved in a dynamic that the folks we are so sworn to help and protect are thinking about when they go on vacation? Is it right for us to have a President and his team so singular in their thinking? So unshakable and callous to the other side of the story, the feelings of a large majority of the people they are sworn to represent and protect are disregarded and spurned? Is it right to have families lose their children for a cause that cannot truly be defined? Is it right to be handing over lives and money for an unfathomable pretext, which we are told is democracy...but democracy on our terms? Is it right for us to impose our tenants and beliefs on a country that may not want them, may not understand them and may not culturally be able to get there? Is it right for us to be so right...throwing back to the days of the missions in this country apostatizing people for a church that is "right"? Is it right for us to have the military be one of the logical choices to get college aid so an individual can stretch to their fullest and be the person they can possibly be? What is right?

There are no right and wrongs here...and that is why I am confounded to think about the next presidency and leadership in this country. We are devoid of selfless leaders, those people who live and breathe aspirations and expectations for the bigger picture beyond the partisan politics that exist. I am tired of democrats and republicans who bicker and fight and frankly, differ by a whisker as their motivations stem from money and power and not truly transcending the ordinary. Our country is suffering. We have lost status in the world community as stupid, righteous brutes whose very arrogance is repellent. Our people are saddened and treated as a secondary people. Our educational system is dying as money and people are not being poured into it. We cannot afford to send our children to college. We cannot afford to clean up our world. We cannot afford to live cleaner and greener. This is not right.

The war must stop. We must halt this president and his inept team from their bullheaded righteousness, knowing better than 75% of the American people as to what is right. We must have leadership who has a positive vision and can implement it...independent of the philosophy of war, might and blood. We need a legal system lead by a pure person not a liar hiding in layers of stories, half truths and shameful behavior. We need a secretary of state who will talk to anyone and everyone for the better of our country and that of the world. We need a President who listens, measures, weighs and truly understands. No more of this. War makes more war, and we have, as Americans, set the stake for decades of strife and war in the middle east regardless of whether this war or skirmish is "won". We have stirred the hornet's nest without truly knowing what we do. And we will, and our children and their children will, pay the price for this arrogance and righteousness.

We must make noise, halt the money and pull back to see really what the situation is and move forward. This cycle of being right is wrong.

Boo Hoo!!!


"Al Franken to Leave Air America Radio"

"On the January 29th edition of The Al Franken Show, Midwest Values PAC founder Al Franken announced he will leave his radio show on February 14. He also told his national radio audience that he’s currently considering whether or not to run for the US Senate in his home state of Minnesota."

What is the damned world coming to? No more Billy, Andy and Al...!! Now, who can we spend our afternoons with? Rush?

State of the Simian Union

Watched W. No surprises. He is still a talking monkey. A monkey that thinks that if he cuts the taxes of the poor (which are minimal) they will be able to afford healthcare. This is a monkey that is totally talking into his hat. The world is a distinct and
wonderful place from the top of the golden banana tree that he is perching in...choosing to poop or spit at all those other little monkeys down there on the ground. This monkey also wants 90,000 more fighting monkeys to do his bidding he gets no buy in from the congress--choosing to do what his little pin brain thinks will be good (as defined by him), noble and just. We need new management. This is all too appalling.

Dead on Digby

Digby is an impassioned blogger we met in LA. This blogger is no kidding serious about the work, the messaging, the community, and making change which is happening. Today, Digby speaks on tonight's impending speech (which makes me nauseous just thinking about what is could and probably will be). Here is an excerpt:

Steamroller Democracy

by digby

I don't now about you, but I'm all on pins and needles waiting for the big speech tonight. The big question will finally be answered: how much is the president going to escalate the war and increase the American occupation?

Think about that. We just had an election that completely repudiated the president's strategy in the Iraq war. Only 12% of the public supports sending in more troops today. The military is not backing this either. Yet what are we watching on television all day? "How many more troops is the president going to send to Iraq?"

This is not just a slap in the face to the democratic process, it's a slap in the face to our concept of reality. I wrote before that this president has always governed by tantrum, and this is no exception. He is doing exactly the opposite of what logic would dictate, just as he did after the 2000 election debacle when he governed from the far right as if he'd won a huge ideological mandate --- and after 9/11 when he nonsensically insisted that we invade a country that had not been involved in the attacks.

I can hardly believe my eyes that he is getting away with it again. It's truly stunning.

to continue with this essay>>>

Rummy has a brilliant future

From Donald Rumsfeld's mouth to our ears:

On Democracy
People elected
Those people to office.
That's what they think, and
That's life.
(Feb. 20, 2003)

Clever Hart Seely reads the paper and the DOD briefings. From his readings he finds poetry by Donald Rumsfeld in these papers--rising unbidden as a vapor. It is thought provoking writing. To quote Robbie, " it kinda makes you think".

You can listen to an interview by Steve Inskeep with Hart Seely on NPR > Additionally, the Seely/Rumsfeld combination has manifested itself in song and music too. NPR couldn't resist, and here is a story on that>>

Here are some appropriate favorites for this wonderful news from Hart Seely's book, Pieces of Intelligence: The Existential Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld:

The Unknown
As we know,
There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
That is to say
We know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we don't know
We don't know.
—Feb. 12, 2002, Department of Defense news briefing

The Digital Revolution
Oh my goodness gracious,
What you can buy off the Internet
In terms of overhead photography!
A trained ape can know an awful lot
Of what is going on in this world,
Just by punching on his mouse
For a relatively modest cost!
—June 9, 2001, following European trip

The Situation
Things will not be necessarily continuous.
The fact that they are something other than perfectly continuous
Ought not to be characterized as a pause.
There will be some things that people will see.
There will be some things that people won't see.
And life goes on.
—Oct. 12, 2001, Department of Defense news briefing

Richard Williams sums up his impression of Donald Rumsfeld here>

I guess there will be some things that people will see and that people won't see...But this Philip Glassian almost mantraesque notations we need to see and be sad that this will no longer continue in the governmental tomes.

On with the new!

Show 'em you count! Vote!

James Montgomery Flagg's 1917 Uncle Sam, based on the original British Lord Kitchener poster of three years earlier, was used to recruit soldiers for both World War I and World War II. Flagg used a modified version of his own face for Uncle Sam, and veteran Walter Botts provided the pose.

Uncle Sam is a national personification of the United States, with the first usage of the term dating from the War of 1812 and the first illustration dating from 1852. He is often depicted as a serious elderly man with white hair and a goatee, dressed in clothing that recalls the design elements of the flag of the United States—for example, a top hat with red and white stripes and white stars on a blue band, and red and white striped trousers.

Origin of the Name

Common folklore holds origins trace back to soldiers stationed in upstate New York, who would receive barrels of meat stamped with the initials U.S. The soldiers jokingly referred to it as the initials of the troops' meat supplier, "Uncle" Samuel Wilson, of Troy, New York. The 87th United States Congress adopted the following resolution on September 15, 1961: "Resolved by the Senate and the House of Representatives that the Congress salutes Uncle Sam Wilson of Troy, New York, as the progenitor of America's National symbol of Uncle Sam." A monument marks his birthplace in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Another theory suggests that Uncle Sam was a creation by Irish immigrants to the US who used the Gaelic acronym, SAM, or Stáit Aontaithe Mheiriceá, which is the translation for United States of America, as a nickname for their new host country. Unfortunately, however, the precise origin of the term may never be proven.

from Wikipedia

Smokey is here as he mimics JM Flagg's original. The "Only You" is in reference to who can prevent forest fires. But today, "Only You" is about the difference you can make to changing the scary stuff going on. Please, make yourself heard.

D. Rumsfeld on Naysayers


You know, as I listen to you, I think back of all the people who were naysayers during the Revolutionary War -- if they had prevailed, we would have no United States of America; to all the naysayers during the Civil War, and had they prevailed, there would be no 50 states here; and the naysayers in other conflicts. There have always been people who have been wanting to toss in the towel; people who felt that it isn't worth the price, it isn't worth the cost, and we really -- if we put our head down it'll go away. Well, it won't go away.

These people are determined, and they're going to keep after us. And our only -- our only task is to see that they don't prevail.

Radio Interview with Secretary Rumsfeld with Bill Cunningham, 700 WLW, Cincinnati, OH

Curveball,' the Wacko Who Turned Out to Be Our Only Source for the Presence of Bioweapon Vans in Iraq...

... Is Sung His Instructions to the Tune Of That Old Favorite, 'Hambone'

Curveball, Curveball, what they lack
Are excuses to attack.
Your assignment's crystal clear:
Tell them what they yearn to hear.

Curveball, Curveball, worry not
That baloney's all you've got,
Or that you're a boozy wreck.
Tenet doesn't care to check.

Curveball, Curveball, they don't mind
That there's nothing there to find.
Just concoct some bio scare.
Wolfowitz will go from there.
If they didn't know your game,
Why'd they give you such a name?

Calvin Trillin
The Nation

Once again.
Don't think about voting. Do it.
Countdown time.