New horizon. New Day.

Tears all around. Obama triumphant! This is a paradigm shift. It is beyond just the office of the President in new hands--but one of the dreams of the sixties have been realized. I was pleased that we all behaved like adults, with John McCain being a gentleman in his speechifiying and his concession talk. Perhaps new President Elect Obama can take the rest of the week off, get his head together and get those two dear girls the puppy they were promised. Now, the question is what kind of puppy? A little taupe pug...named Sally (after the former almost Vice President?) that they dress in clothes from fancy department stores. Sarah Palin will be taking her brown paper bags laden with all of her contributions from Saks Fifth Avenue to Salvation Army today. The denim shirt goes back on and she can go back to being the Queen of Alaska. Can you imagine that crown? It was fun getting to know her husband, Willow, Piper, Bay, Trig and Tron(?)--and look forward to how team Palin is getting packaged and repositioned for the next go-round.

Now on to business. Things calming down, a bit. Meeting today about the logo project. Need to get details on the web project....message from the client contact and the technical requirements don't seem to match up. So, a call to the tech guys need to happen. Outputting a bunch of images for a chat with Doug Andersen, my thesis advisor from Hartford. Again, just the prep is educational. I have been feeling like I haven't dont much, but there is a style evolving, and a technical approach evolving. By March, I should be further ahead with more work. Its all been uphill learning...and I have one or two that might be able to be finalized (or final already). I still don't think that there is enough work given the time we have had off...but it is what it is...and with the time between now and March there is ski club weekends, and blocks of time that the Art Trail took up. So, probably by our San Francisco trip, I will have the NY picture (a vector portrait of the Statue>>big big big, and the same of a pigeon or a NYC greek coffee cup, and a John Alcorn inspired image cooking in the cooker). And, I should have at least 3 + finalized images for the thesis. Need to review the thesis paperwork so I can get the less directed work done in advance. Plenty of down time and plane time between now and New Years.

More later