D. Rumsfeld on Naysayers


You know, as I listen to you, I think back of all the people who were naysayers during the Revolutionary War -- if they had prevailed, we would have no United States of America; to all the naysayers during the Civil War, and had they prevailed, there would be no 50 states here; and the naysayers in other conflicts. There have always been people who have been wanting to toss in the towel; people who felt that it isn't worth the price, it isn't worth the cost, and we really -- if we put our head down it'll go away. Well, it won't go away.

These people are determined, and they're going to keep after us. And our only -- our only task is to see that they don't prevail.

Radio Interview with Secretary Rumsfeld with Bill Cunningham, 700 WLW, Cincinnati, OH