Hope or Status Quo?

Well, here we are. SHrillery is on her way out...taking her marbles and her bossy, chiding way away from all of us. Thank goodness. Shrillery may have had good thing to say, but the whole "mommy", "nag" and image that she projected in voice and message became, for me too much. I know that I will be labelled as anti woman (albeit I voted for her), anti progress with these snippy comments, but in the world of politics--her tone, her link to Bill, her naggy, harsh delivery to messages that were sometimes lies, truth stretching etc--but she did not project confidence, control,a thoughtful perspective. She wears an imaginary apron and wields a spoon--pointing out what right and wrong is...in a harsh way. And, my emotional reaction to her is always one of anger and lack of comfort. I was never in her court the way she handled the health care project in Bill's White House, the unpleasant way of "not making cookies", and her lack of public anger and seeming acceptance of Bill's picadillos. If this campaign with the prize being the presidency was the payout for his ridiculous behavior--then payback is complete. I am happy she is out....albeit always with the last laugh--insisting that she would consider being a running mate which would have little traction for Obama...with quips behind the hand saying all she wants is to be asked...so she can refuse.

Now we have two candidates. Both of them viable. One with age and experience who embraces the Bush doctrine, who supports the war to indicate it will be one hundred years...etc. The other is untried and seemingly a bit lightweight. He represents hope, and change. Essentially, anti- status Quo. The hamburger is getting ready to be thrown for the two of them to fight over the prize...throwing ugliness,unfairly accusing each other with the spinmeisters creating issues and drawing relationships where they might not be anything at all. Yawn. Let's see what happens.

I am happy at least we have resolution.

Got the Toivo CD and package done yesterday. Rich Koski, the heart of the group and a two row diatonic button accordianist, was the Performer of the Year by the Finlandia Foundation National, 2004. Rich told me that with some of the proceeds from the touring he did with this award, he accumulated money to buy an accordian that he travelled to a small town in Italy that had over 50 family run accordian factories that sounded like bliss for someone of his recognition and ability. The graphics incorporate an illustration by Annie Campbell as requested by Rich...with blocks of color and a ton of copy. Looks nice...clean...friendly like the music.

Am noodling with a bunch of stuff. I am making myself nuts with the dream project. Thought I might do a half dozen hair pictures (using the quicky Marie Antoinette as the jumping off point) with Marie Antoinette, Louis Quatorze, George Washington, Andy Warhol, a flippy fifties (Marilyn? Doris Day?), Custer? or Buffalo Bill? Maybe? or florals>? just going down the lane with that? New deadline. Not to actively think about it and just go into making/doing until mid June and then focus. Need to contact Bunny Carter about the level of tightness she means when she talks about thumbnails...Mini pictures? or loosy goosie?

More later. Sorry for my miss yesterday. Just was swamped.