Maudlin Monday

Have been futzing with pictures of Marie Antoinette and the hairdos current in her court. It is all about rats and about comb overs with bit pieces of padding underneath...with feathers, jaunty hats, flowers, and endless strings of pearls or jewels to hold the whole look together. So, I have been messing around in my sketchbook about this...with the lady shown above as the best of the bad selections. It is interesting that the drawn image is quick, and then I take it into the CS suite and add highlights, clean up a bit etc. Interesting approach. Lots of need to work it out beyond the limited stuff you see above.

We had a nice visit at Bakers Acres--buying all sorts of annuals (lobelia, hot pink geraniums, nicotiana, pansies) and perennials (monardia--13 plants). It was a very happy day there as we had not patronized the Acres for a while as our work on the house and house projects held us back as it was and still remains left foot right foot. With the Carriage House and the drive way all in an almost finished mode, it becomes easier to concieve of frills such as plants and the color and scent they give us.

We heard Eilen Jewell at the Rongo the other night. R. went was lovely outside, cool and comfortable. So, I hung outside with my friends and caught up with all sorts of people, meeting new people saying hi to older friends. It was very nice and collegial, very Tburg with the luscious music spilling out onto the street. With their sets being finished, Eilen and her band made themselves comfortable on the street, sitting on the walls of the Children's Garden confirming the grassroots efforts folks are making around making Main STreet nice. It was wonderful talking about the world with musicians, people who see their world through their ears...(not eyes like me)--and when you focus in on that, how is it that they stud their stories, language and sound with music references.

Swept a bunch off the desk today. All of CE Jones. Done. Also, a business card for the Chokers (48hr print)--mini postcard size. They loved it last week (the yumbo sized card...they all want them!). More later.