Curveball,' the Wacko Who Turned Out to Be Our Only Source for the Presence of Bioweapon Vans in Iraq...

... Is Sung His Instructions to the Tune Of That Old Favorite, 'Hambone'

Curveball, Curveball, what they lack
Are excuses to attack.
Your assignment's crystal clear:
Tell them what they yearn to hear.

Curveball, Curveball, worry not
That baloney's all you've got,
Or that you're a boozy wreck.
Tenet doesn't care to check.

Curveball, Curveball, they don't mind
That there's nothing there to find.
Just concoct some bio scare.
Wolfowitz will go from there.
If they didn't know your game,
Why'd they give you such a name?

Calvin Trillin
The Nation

Once again.
Don't think about voting. Do it.
Countdown time.