thinking out loud.

Gotta print out all my birds around the same size for NYC. Need to do the quicky edit. Need to look at the paper requirements and see if I can write any of it now. Think I lost my car keys. Oops! Call the car guys and find out what the damage is to get new keys. Get the Baker work in front of my client. See how violently she vomits. React and reconsider (secretly, I think she will like the work). Figure out Thanksgiving and Christmas. Buy all Christmas presents. Review contents of present closet and see what's there. Jangle my business girl to get billing on the snippets we need to bill. KEOGH for this year? Call my boyfriend, Mr. Hair (truly!) and get him to take out the trees we talked about his spring! Adhere to the tenets and doctrine of mouse and rat identification presented by Pat the Bugman (truly...its on his card)to see if we do have critters in the walls. If not, we have ghosts.

Get ready to vote.

Talk it up. Get your friends ready to vote too. It's serious.

Speaking of voting and that impressive president we have--here is something fun for you. Do you listen to the funniest, shortiest podcast, "The President's Weekly Radio Address"? Its a must. These great "Onion" guys do it weekly...and words cannot capture the ascerbic and brilliant work they produce. Well, not to be limited, they now have a book "Destined for Destiny" that will def. be on my holiday gift piles to give to those I love. Audible has it...>>$14. worth of fun. The authors were on Al Franken on Tuesday--giving a very straight-faced interview about the so-called interviewing process they had to create with this book/ book on tape.

Picture is from Donald Brun. Love the decorative hair on this guy and the line/color technique. Tempting!