More Donald Brun

I like the little Gevaert dog. He has all sorts of Brun the window highlight in his eye. Brun has used this on all sorts of creatures and heads. I like how Mary Blairish, and early Richard Scarry this guy is. Brun's work for Galoise cigarettes are all derivative of this type of ad...very graphic, flat direct. There is a terrific poster book for him at Alibris (which I may order as I am very taken with his work and energy).

A note: Donald Brun was one of the founders of AGI which positions itself as an elite design group (I read the world of branders, corporate identity guys and the self proclaimed leaders of graphic design) today. Historically it:

In the 1940s, commercial artists, mural makers, typographers, printmakers, art directors, illustrators and poster designers increasingly realised their common bonds, and the modern profession of graphic design began to be defined. In 1951, five graphic artists – two Swiss and three French – decided to formalise their relationship into some sort of association. Their idea was simply to share common interests and friendships across national and cultural borders.

It was a notion that soon attracted leading exponents of the graphic arts from elsewhere in Europe and in the USA. In 1952 the Alliance Graphique Internationale was incorporated in Paris with 65 members from 10 countries. The first AGI exhibition was held in Paris in 1955 and in 1969 the headquarters moved from Paris to Zurich. Student seminars were introduced in 1979 and the first Young Professional AGI Congress was held in London in 1994.

I much prefer their beginnings to the "smart set" that are the current, appointed group today. In the US, the members are>

Brun's work is fun, approachable and stylish. He also bridges the gap between graphic design and illustration that serves as an inspiration for me and those of us who are trying to do the same. His work is viable, fresh and communicates clearly and memorably. That counts for something, doesnt it?