images above courtesy of:
© S. Hnizdovsky, 1985
Reprinted with kind permission.

I was presented with a glistening stainless steel bowl brimming with a stockpot's quantity of translucent, ruby sour cherries. Kitty had climbed the trees with Alex on the ground, working with Peter to gather cherries for his projects and yet some for me and for Peggy. So, I pitted for a bit last night, and an hour or so this morning and now I have a stock pot of cherries in sugar and a bit of lime juice, mascerating prior to cooking up preserves which I will put in jars tomorrow. It was wonderful for Kitty and Alex to spend time with Peter making and picking, talking and learning about his world, and what he loves to do, collect, think about. Plus, the pizza was divine as well. Lucky ducks!

The woodcuts are from the current illustration boyfriend, Jacques Hznidovsky. They are bookplates (truly a design, type and illustration project of the past) integrating type and his lovely illustration to powerful results. There is an "englishness" to his approach to these personal tributes that I really love in the integration of type and illustration, the simple framesthat are the glue between the two.Lovely. As bookplates were a pleasure for bibliophiles and necessities for the wealthy patrons in the past, when books were treasured, and libraraies contained in rooms devoted to reading, learning and the sheer physicality of books, what is that moment now? A Kindle with an electronic book? No need for real estate, for book tables and book lights. I even have the 100 classics on my iPhone to browse at will, waiting for kids or in the cracking corners of time we have during the day. And, surprisingly, I like it that I can read in bed with the lights off...with something as small as my hand. But the smell of the ink, new glue and the lovely hand of rich paper is lost. The viseral, the tangible are gone leaving us unadorned content that only our imaginations can embellish. The sensuality of the printed page and speaking as a designer, the wonder of seeing a print piece develop and bloom on press is missing. However, with change comes a new appreciation. I am waiting.

Speaking of books and words, Carol TInkelman forwarded the advance copy of Lisa Cyr's article on the Hartford Art School in the June issue of Communication Arts Magazine (the illustration issue I have my Fort Worth image in). I am briefly noted (and am flattered to no end) and would love to share the article with you>>

There is more work to be done this weekend to get prepped for next Saturday's trip to Hartford. I need to finish my Barnum sketch, gather and output the reference for Gary and Chris Payne, create brushes and type for the Barnum stuff (scrap pile) and pack, wrap the pictures and get my wits clear. Then there is the prep for the guest who Rob will have along with the prep for Erich while I am gone. Holiday weekend, pffft.

More later.