Cherry Picking.

image above:
Reprinted with kind permission
© S. Hnizdovsky, 1985

I give you a cabbage from Jacques Hnizdovsky, current illustration boyfriend. Look at this thing...blacks and whites singing together. And yes, its a "spot". What a way to start a rainy day. The way we got going was to take Kitty and Alex at 6 a.m. to meet with Peter Hoover. They were all going off to pick sour and sweet cherries by the gallon and then bring them back t mash up for Peter's cherry homebrew. There was a bit of trepidation as I forced this on them, but as Peter and Peggy are so wonderful and kind, interesting and sharing, I saw my two griffins unfurl their wings, pat their dog and begin to sparkle and smile. Yes, this was going to be just fine...! They are going to be with Peter through the day (despite the rain)--and they should learn quite a bit!

We close on our refinancing of the house (much lower interest rate) later today. And because its that time of the season (the day before a holiday) I expect we will have the phone ringing with immediate needs and requirements that have to happen right now before the individual goes on break. Coffee awaits.