Winter is back

Another day of grey and ice. Another day of groundhog day work. I get the fine opportunity to pay New York State money they claim I owe from yes, six years ago. Guess the statutes of limitations are kicking in. Here's a good thing. The coffee this morning is hot and delicious. Here's another good thing, I am surrounded by skeins of color. Greys and blues, sandy taupes, and brilliant reds. Its funny how colors change and your preferences do as time goes on. Or maybe it's my blindness...but hey. I'll take the pleasure in my picks of my colors. No one else, and for no one else. I do not have to make anyone but me happy. At least when it comes to yarn I surround myself with. Plus, I finished "wrap" one...and now can muse over the colorway of the next one. I fear there are about 10 wraps in the future. All of Kitty's friends, clients and then some...

I am working on 188 icons for a website for my big client. Funny how the old typography/ lettering chops kick in when you have to do 188 of anything. What can I take from this form, from this icon to make this new one? Are the widths good? are the transitions good? are the proportions matching the others? What needs to change to bring this one into working alongside these other ones. Slow going though. And unfortunately, my client doesn't even begin to get the time and patience this work is. And, as these marks are replacing a ton of Microsoft meets Monopoly board graphics, we need to have a conversation about the functionality and the significance of the see if it is still relevant and quite candidly, presenting them as smart and cool as they are...(I like these guys).

I said no to another plea for free work yesterday. I said no to 2 last week. Kudos Qudos! Now onward for the day...and icon work.