Snow in April

The poor buds. The poor frozen buds on our local cherry, apple, crabapple, pear and peach trees. The "April showers bring May flowers" was an icy few days albeit with blue skies and high clouds. So the cider makers and all my farmer friends are looking forward and making plans which at the moment of this weather whimsey has changed the concepts that happened a month earlier. What a world where your job and projects need to swing as the temperature and water move with either too much, or too little, either too hot, or humid, too cold or frigid.  That is incredible flexibility that would challenge anyone.

I am knitting a lot these days. It is helping me just with the sheer tactile aspect along with the ability to get something completed and done.  I hope drawing will come back...but for now, knitting has my hands after hours. I took a chance and bought some grab bags of Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted (wool, cashmere and silk blend) which has me swooning from the hand and weight of a big scarf I am making with a striped garter stitch pattern.  I am also really loving looking at the colors and their relationships...and am finding pleasure in that and this idiot pattern which is looking really good. With the world going to hell in a basket....I will be knitting as we go into that unpleasant place. Kitty and lady roommates are going to have some lovely holiday goodies from Kitty's mom.