Status Quo.

It's still winter. Still. That freeze, ice and snow that was a surprise, has lingered, longer. The poor apple blossoms. And peaches, and cherries and all those sweet delicate buds that promise fruit in an amazingly short time, that becomes the bounty of the season and the boon to the next freeze. Get prepared for rutabagas and kale.

Weekend was pretty basic. Rob worked on a presentation. I made him a map of the Erie Canal and the Hudson River which helps, I think. I started making the Silent Auction prizes that I delight in making for the Museum Association of New York's annual conference which is next weekend in Lake Placid NY. So, your girl friday will be there, taking pictures and reporting. From what I hear, this is going to be a pretty splashy fun event. 

The MANY silent auction somehow gives me a big charge so generally I take around 10 archival prints of the stuff I illustrate, a fancy box of cards (in big wooden cigar box with all sorts of frou frou). This year there is a ton of alcohol (which sold last year very well)--between the gifts from my cider makers and Myer Farm, I have a whiskey set of 3, a vodka set of 3, gin, pommeau and a few 3 bottle sets of hard cider. I have a half scale china tea set (I got the impression folks were looking for stuff to take home to "the kids"--and thus the jag on that). I might do a collection of stuffed animals too. I am also taking 3 skeins of super nice sock yarn (as a set). I am putting my thinking cap on and seeing what else I can gin up.

Rob is off to Albany for a big meeting tomorrow. The Treadmill awaits tread my way the the nether regions while simmering in Fox News and an ankle that reminds me regularly that I have it. I haven't forgotten,yet. Though my hope is that someday I will...that would be amazing.