Palm city

After two quick hours on the plane, Alex and I met Rob in the baggage claim at Ft. Lauderdale. We were thrilled to see him and be in the land of palm trees, soft air and crashing surf. We zipped into Miami proper and had a great dinner at one of our favorites, Garcias. We were seated immediately and soon had a yellowtail fish (complete), crisp and delicious in front of us for dinner. Three cats licking their chops, and every tiny bone each yellowfish provided. Sublime (along with he bowls of limes and the beautiful gratis whitefish salad that is a treat.

Then Rob took us on a little situational drive--seeing the New World Center for The New World Symphony designed by Frank Gehry--a modest and thoughtful structure with lilttle Gerhy twists and details to adore. The best was the entry with a perfect little park designed for people to sit and gather and view the same show inside on an enormous projection screen on the facade of the building. Take note, enormous projections are everywhere here...and fine resolution with spaces to accomodate gatherings. EVERYWHERE. He then took us to see the coolest parking garage in the entire universe. Hertzog and De Meuron's club cum parking garage illluminates the night with an open structure that accomodates cars, the owner's penthouse and a "red velvet rope" exclusivity that communicates cuspy, cool and the place to be. I will post a link as soon as I can. Alex couldn't handle it and was excitedly noticing all that grabbed him about these buildings-- what a charge for all of us. We will be retuning in daylight.

We drove by the hip new Standard Hotel on the Venetian causeway and the W to see that yes, the world of the Kardashians exists--down to the shiny black Escalades that are commonly used as taxi cabs. The gorgeous people were out last night...walking in the most extrodinarily high heels--tight jeans and copious amounts of botox and lip work. Younger women with the same faces and long hair with much older, semi hostile looking older men who have had work too. Funny how they all look the same. Frightening.

We got to our cute little hotel, Circa 39, and put our bags down. Then, out to see the block and put our feet in the warm ocean a block away and admire the stars, manmade and those beyond.