En Route

We left early this morning, arriving at 5 am at the airport to find out that we could not board without Alex having a picture ID. So, we were rescheduled for a bit later today. We went home, got the ID, drank some coffee and tried one more time. Two, in this case, was the charm. Let's not underplay the state of confusion Shady found herself in.

Alex and I chatted it up, played some scrabble and then found ourselves in the ever changing Philadelphia airport for lunch. Lots of laughs over my absolutely favorite airline publication, "Sky Mall"--and the stuff like the pooch pad, the wristband holder for cell phones, and the pedicure padded sandals in panther print. A mother and son icebreaker. More chatting over iced teas and yummy food and now Alex is power charging his notebook while gabbing on the phone to confirm the boy on the go he poses. We visited the Bose store to admire the technology that we would adore for Christmas from the superfine headphones to the most excellent wifi radio.

We both eavesdropped over our neighbor to the back, a man with "the pipeline" who had lived in Scranton, in Bingamton, Elmira, and Corning. A fracker. We both felt sorry for the guy who was pouring out his heart to his seatmate-- wife and baby in Houston,no jobs in Houston, and the last time he was home (April) and wife visiting in September. But, he is not welcome here to take our gas, destroy our landscape, pollute our water and leave the area raped, destroyed and dead without our approval or invitation. And did I mention, take jobs away from NY State. He was going home, with his paycheck to Texas. I wish he would stay.