Detail from fabric designed by William MorrisWow. Closing down on the list. Finishing up a 20 pp. book with custom graphics and a search for imagery. Tons of type styling (closing up line spaces, smaller capital letters, tabs and whatnot). Finally am riding this horse…and though she is bucking a bit, I am staying on.

I am back moving my pen on watercolor paper (divine!) getting ready for the Advent season of a picture a day. Maybe holidaypictures, maybe seasonal pictures. The only thing I know is that the pictures will be ink on watercolor paper. Great! I have a few loaded to pop up on the web while we are away so I can start in style and not have to catch up with myself. Let me know what you think. The Swiss Scherenschnitte is strong in this mix.

Will need to pack tonight. Phone and ipad are charged. Cameras are charged. Memory sticks are emptied.  Am on a very very early flight tomorrow am. to connect in Philadelphia to go to Miami and points south. Big question is to check or not to check our luggage. I am thinking gate checking…but it depends on what Alex wants to do. Once we decide that, then we can print our tickets this evening. Art Basel Miami will be in full swing with Rob doing the business things today and yesterday—so tomorrow we can see art, see shows, see the crowds, learn something new. I am feeling so stale that this will be a balm (or at least I hope).

Then we can launch into the two weeks of holidays with pickups, parties, birthdays, people and projects. Yikes. Hang on. December 26th is my favorite day of the year. Am looking forward to the peace (and naps?). Wow.