quick update.

It was a big day at the satellite fairs yesterday.Art Miami, Red Dot, Design Miami and Pulse shows. We started at Art Miami which was the best of the day. Here we were, strolling galleries in this enormous tent covering over a city block with extraordinary work from all over the world in an area 2 years ago was a bombed out section of town. Now, it is populated with cool new apartments, restaurants, shops and my new favorite type of Miami store, the blow shops. What is a blow shop? It's a place one goes to get your hair blown out and styled. The one opening by Art Miami extolled their services by claiming " you can't blo yourself". Catchy? Right?

There were a ton of mini coopers parked in front of Art Miami and Red Dot promoting allioop.com. Each mini was totally wrapped in a graphic skin featuring different artists. Wonderful-- along with a ton of performers sandwiched in between the cars doing their respective thing from singing to dancing to circus tricks. And all of this before we got to the art.

Highlights and trends: kinetic art, digital art inspired by art, game design inspired digital art, huge über realistic portraits, huge all sequinned canvases, work inspired by European court decorative art. My mind is reeling. Alex loved it all and we both shot zillions of pictures of all the things we loved and were inspired by. Talk about two totally different collections!