trying out new tools.

I am trying something new. My iPad has this nice little program from Apple called "Pages" and I figured I would give it a try to see if the blogging could happen with the keyboard and tools that are native for this pad. I am finding that the pad is a bit brisker than I am as a typist - but with some practice, this is far easier than the phone stuff. It all just takes time.

We got off to Amherst around noon today with turkey pesto sandwiches, power bars and tea...along with a small pharmacy as R and I are suffering with the cold du jour. It wasn't a bad drive as everyone and their brother are home watching the game, and I am sure they are frying up the heaps of chicken wings everyone was selling Thursday night. I mean suitcase sized boxes of wings that I can only project out that "Dad" had the turkey frier jacked up in the driveway in anticipation and getting practice time before the game of the games, the food holiday every red blooded man in the U. S of A. Lives for, the long awaited and deeply relished, Super Bowl (of the universe). No Baked Wings for these cowboys. Hot fat only. And lay on the butter. We are a bunch of pansies and girls at our house. No hot fat, no wings. Just driving.

While Rob naps a bit, and Kitty and Alex thrill to another Food Network show, I figured I would chat a bit with you over the recent thises and thats. News! I moved my desk to the new space...and Rob cracked open one of the recycle immediately catalogs to find that Martha Stewart has a moderate line of furniture for the home craft room that is really quite nice. It is from Home Decorators It has a desk, all sorts of hutch type topper / organizers along with two types of flat files that configure well with the desk and the hutch stuff. Three painted colors-- an olive mossy green, a warm white and a birchy grey. End of the year money means I got three flat files for the new princess office digs. Cool? Right!

Am on the Hangar work. Have the Gem of the Ocean in hand. Am doing combat with the Rocky Horror. Have a viable Ragtime. Have a viable baseball one. We will see. I have such little time. When we get back to the grind, the nutcrackers and holiday schmaltz is getting toted back to the attic tout suite in prep for the next big gig..s valentines day splash to recognize the contribution Beth Chiron and team put out with creating and running our little Pourhouse "club". More on this as it develops.

Robs is awake. Gotta go.