I love Yelp.com

Sunday morning. Thank goodness the Pioneer Valley is a bit misty moisty as it is helping the ugly, rasping, hacking, choking coughs we have. So the quiet night at the quiet Holiday Inn Express was just what we needed, medicated.

I found our dinner spot through the wonderful yelp.com site after looking at my choices in Amherst, Northampton and Hadley while Rob power napped (and boy, did he need that). Yelp pulls through again! We settled on a Mexican place, Mi Tiennes (need to confirm) which is close to us at the motel. Yelp reviews promised delicious, the real deal, affordable and inspired. And it was served up gladly as promised. Their gorgeous tortillas, made in the kitchen were light, fluffy and airy. Alex had chorizo tacos with lots of fresh lime, cilantro and fresh cheese. Rob had a grilled steak that looked perfect. Kitty had huarches and I had sopas which were essentially the same except for the tortillas. Kitty's were thinner and long, mine were a bit fatter, and round ...English muffin sized. We had crema, a little cheese and some crispy beef on these cornmeal shapes. fab ($6.50 for 3). And we absolutely would never have found this gem if Yelp hadn't pointed us there as it is in the back of a lot that holds a small, rundown Knights Inn, next to a darkened coin op laundromat. My new favorite Hadley haunt. Maybe we just get the room inches from the restaurant's door, and settle in!

We drop Kitty off and noon and trundle home. Rob will be working here in the motel until then. Alex is here...so I will wrap it up so we can stock Kitty's dorm room with food etc.

More later.