new year: 2010 review

The year changed quietly for us. The great happening was around two, R. Had a blazing fever so I went on a search for acetaminophen …clunking and banging around until a bottle surfaced. What with the happy confab of my hot flashes and R.s fever, we could have turned the heat off in the house and melted all the snow in the vicinity.

It is New Years that is one of those milestones that gives me space to reflect on where I am, the year before..and possibly the year to come. We had big entertainment from the recent gig with the chorus to the cast party, a few birthdays, the dinners pre prom and pre dinner dance. We searched and found a college Kitty wanted to go to. She was accepted, packed, moved in, and has transitioned to having two homes. Alex on his own steam got a job washing dishes this summer at the Rongo. He is seconds from a drivers license(all self motivated activities). He has new musical friends— and they are actively music making, writing, trying, experimenting. Rob and team have moved the house forward from a new back porch, investigations on the kitchen, a new bathroom and a new studio for me. Robs work is good..with some fun nuggets embedded like cool people and travel. This year I had the pleasure to go to Museumwise at Sagamore which was a treat. This year I learned about bees, about Lubok illustration style, and worked on some new illo approaches. This year I helped the Hangar Theatre, Wide Awake Bakery and Farmer Ground Flour update their image. I was a rock for my big client. Mr. White adopted us. So much doings….and I have not surfaced any of the depths…just the tactical stuff.

It was a year of expansion and personal change. We helped two friends to change their thinking and lives. Kitty stepped into a new life confidently. Alex is taking on responsibility and focusing. Rob and I have newfound pleasure in more time together. It has all been wonderful.

Who knows the broad strokes of change and evolution for this year? Not I. But change is good and with the opprtunities presented to us.. What wonders will happen. I just need to be open and watchfulbto make sure I see them when they surface. Keep your eyes and ears open in 2011. I wish you the best.