Take Off

Pair of birds, Q. Cassetti, 2010, pen and inkBack to summer after the rain and cool last night. We spent the evening in Tburg with Kitty running late and Rob having an evening meeting. I have been rolling about, like Shady Grove, in Alexander Calder and Marimekko design work…and hoping…as Shady, that the more I roll in this work, the more I will become one with it. Thankfully, this lovely illustration vein is not as stinky as dead deer parts. What I am learning is that the actual illustration needs to be designed before the ink goes down…this approach is far from random. Also, simpler is much much better unless the pattern becomes secondary or subtle. I also think that the pattern making or that of fabric design should be designed in a full yard’s size (that would be the repeat: 42” x 36”). Adding more color often does not help the work. It takes away from the design. Sure it will be colorful, but if you look at Marimekko fabrics, the simpler, the better from a palette and design standpoint.

Here are some designer illustrators from Marimekko that are currently inspiring me to move the needle a bit:

Maija Louekari
Sanna Annukka 
Pia Holm 
Maija and Kristina Isola 
Erja Hirvi 

Some of its blocky. Some linear. Some linear married to blocky/simple color. Basic palette. Simple palette. I need to dip into the IKEA offerings as well to see where their design team is pointing pattern and graphic illustration.

Just got the holiday comps done. There are quicky projects for the Hangar Theatre to do. After the Mainstage Season ends, the Hangar will be presenting a series of short time, smaller productions grouped under the Cabaretc. heading. So, need to get jumping on the design/illustration for next season.