Summertime, Q. Cassetti, 2010, pen and ink, digitalJust took Alex over to help a friend. It was a spectacular drive going up and down these asphalt ribbons that would present these glorious views of farms and fields, grass and hay, green and golden tan, embellished by the roadside wildflowers that framed the views. He and I both exclaimed with happiness as we saw what was in front of us and treasured it.

Percival B. White, our new white cat, presented us with two rabbits upon our arrival back to the Luckystone. One was delicately placed near where I park—pristine and perfect. The other was beheaded in a dark part of our hallway such that R. did not see the gift and kicked the head across the room while walking through. Shades of Madame Guillitine during the French Revolution. Horrifying but none the less, Mr. White has clearly chosen to be the hunter/ killer of our cat empire making poor Mei Mei seem like a rank amateur.

I made a two page list of all the stuff we need to do. Personal/work/family….and christmas shopping hasnt even made the list (though I know it should be there). Goodness. Too much to accomplish. Might try to pick up the phone and start knocking them down.

Farmer’s Market is today in Trumansburg. Might try to get over there before 7 to see what needs to be seen, and to buy what needs to be bought. Maybe some basswood honey? Maybe a huge bunch of basil.Also need to move on the teeshirts (and maybe market bags>?)

We have tickets to the Hangar for Friday night. Did a bunch of little things for the Hangar yesterday (2 banners and a rack card). I cannot wait to better understand the entire promotional program to really begin to make some of this stuff templates so it isnt a big deal to get in front of the publications work.  Was amusing myself on (a fun font site). This is unusal because I normally do not shop for fun fonts, but  the Hangar is forcing me out of my comfort zone as things need to be a bit more promotional, and fun…and a font can suggest something about the show that the illustration might not be able to accomplish.

More later.