getting later

In Progress, Q. Cassetti, 2010, mixed mediaThe outdoors club trip was a great success. There has been more talk about the fun everyone had, the beauty of the site, the mildness of the rapids. The grown ups went off to dance (our Zydeco graduation party as Professor Pask called it) at Oasis to Preston Frank and a large part of Donna the Buffalo (Jeb, Tara, Ward, the base and drummer). Oasis was small and warm to begin with and after the first set, people were melting, the beer was selling and the throng continued to dance on. We had a great time and danced through to about ten which was a nice little workout and quite energizing.

Rob was off at six this morning for a down and back with his parents to New York for doctor consulation for his mother. All positive, for now. And I write you as the rice is cooking for dinner.

We have a new visitor here at Two Camp Street. She (I think) is a very friendly all white cat we have christened Hermione Camp. Hermione was Hermon Camp's daughter who, according to family tales, would go up to the roof of the house and raise the flag on the roof when the Union Soldiers would win a battle. Hermione attended Wells College (I think we have a certificate in the attic).  So, a new Camp Street resident has taken her place here. She has, we think, been living in the barn (upstairs) but is so well mannered and nice, it would seem funny if she wasnt someone's pet. We will give it a week or two and then we will take her to the vet. MeiMei is fine with her. TJ is showing off and being the King of the Cat Empire...but he will settle down. Shady, as the biggest cat, is totally non plussed.

More Irish Spring sachets need to be hung on my someone is nibbling the edges of the leaves...and that is not cool. Then, the next step is shady hair.

Bruce is here through Memorial Day. Amanda shows up Friday with Baby. Another chapter of Rob and his sister wives continue.