Hair Standing on End

Whoa. Time is one continuous stream of sweetness, thick maple-y flavored moment...that I rush to keep up with. The last few days have been committed on the front end (8 a.m.) through to seven with paying work and the last minute non paying work for The Hangar ( few days turn-around on 14' banners...thank the good god that I worked in vector). I am a bit blurry. And my poor personal work...done-zo. This, this, is what Sunday is about.

However, after a fun and amusing time at the Pourhouse, I am inspired to do a poster for the Zydeco Trail Ridesr pre Grassroots  at the Rongo. The Trail Riders connection is wonderful Jim Reidy. Zydeco actually translates to haricots vertes (green beans) or snap beans. I am thinking a valentine that incorporates green beans with dancing boots..... A design that incorporates past with present....maybe with a demon(weigh in please) or 

I hear Kitty singing outside with La Poochita. Hermione Camp contines to try to be part of the home team...