Farmers Market Flowers, Q. Cassetti, 2010Kitty and Alex are back from their two days away--weary but happy. Kitty has been bubbling over about the wildlife, the eels, snakes, birds, natural sights and smells. Alex has, not to put too fine a point on it, gone to bed.

My apple trees are thriving (with the add of little bags of half bars of Irish Spring Soap to fend off the deer). I was rattling on about apple, cherry and maybe peach trees to Peggy, my go to friend on all sorts of important topics, and she sagely nodded and said she thought it was a good idea. I want to plant a bunch (more than 10, less than 200) fruit trees in the back yard and do a you pick. It would take advantage of our big field in the back that we mow anyway, and there might be some benefits beyond the fruit. Say, taxes? And with fruit trees, you know what's next? Right...Heres a hint... buzzzz! to help the trees and amuse this person. More to research but I think this is going to happen.

Have been fascinated to see where my name and work has popped up...and where this work has come from. Behance seems to be the primary source of getting the work into all these alternative spaces... but we will see.

I have also been researching old candy and cigarette vending machines. They are pretty cheap and pretty accessable. I am sure I went beyond ebay and started troling Craigs list for this sort of thing,, I mgiht be able to do something cheaper and better that way. I would like to get one and work with the shop at the Hangar Theatre to do a dispensery for buttons, stickers, postcards and show related stuff along with art bars (Ithaca's art candy bars) and other things along that line. I just need to better understand how to make that happen before I make the big play. It is, as you know, a take off on the artomat machines ( but, with the artomat machines comes the artomat art. I want to keep this stuff local and see what we can come up with. I wonder if I can enchant some of my friends to do this too...? Your thoughts?

I am tired but dont want to sleep. Tonight is zydeco dancing at the Oasis Dance Club with Preston Frank. Should be fun. I do not know if the kids will go as LOST is in conflict with the timing on this.