Vampires, Zombies, Sushi, Multi pointed Bucks, Girls and Blobby folk

Mexican zombies recreate Michael Jackson's Thriller dance for "Thrill The World: A Global Tribute to Michael Jackson" in Mexico City. Photo: AFPHad a really nice trip to New York. The bus trip down was really pleasant with a beautiful day out the window. I sat way up front with the driver and had a clear view of the road which was really pleasant.

I was given the absolute treat to stay with a friend's friend along with this dear friend. We had the nicest visit with dinner and chat which was so fun I didn't want to go to bed. Then, the next morning, down to the Society of Illustrators to catch up with Anelle, an old business colleague from Estee Lauder and then the jurying with a really terrific group of illustrators: Scott Bakal, Jackie Decker, Heidi Younger, Ron Cala and Alan Witschonke.

There were over six thousand entries for this Student Exhibition. Each juror is given a computer work station with 1200 plus images that they should vote either yes or no. The images are randomly generated so each juror sees a different group than the others. There are four more sets of jurors to review these same illustrations. At the end, if there are images with fours and fives, they get in. We needed to reduce the pile from 6000 to 100 pieces, so the competition was tight. There were lots of the same content: vampires, zombies, sushi, multi-pointed bucks, girls and blobby folk. There were girl on girl actions, fantasy girls, and some sweet little animals. Lots of Michael Jacksons, and Michael Jackson zombies. There were many images inspired by linoleum and wood cuts, along with some printmaking techniques. I was the most charged up about that. Plus, it was telling to see so many very graphic illustrations....which gives me a bit more permission to change channels again. To that, I am going to rolll out the work I did at Hartford (Moe and Curly) and work that direction a bit more. After seeing all the portraits the student work showed, it gave me a bit more confidence with my portraits...and the Moe portrait is going in a new direction that I need to pursue. It was a tremendous opportunity for all of us.... Thank you Thank you.

We finished up early-ish, so I had the chance to take a 4:30 pm bus getting me back to Ithaca around a quarter to 10. Saturday took Kitty and Alex outside for a ski and snowshoe camp out/ sleep over. We did a bit of shopping for lamps at Target and bought a friend a wedding dress (used once) for NOTHING...and glamorous doesn't even begin to describe how she looks. Perfection?

The biga (the bread starter I have had for a week) made a loaf of sourdough bread today that looks really good (too hot to try). I have pizza dough in fridge (the King Arthur Bread Book is invaluable). We are celebrating the Super Bowl with chicken wings, pigs in blankets, chips and dip, pizza and dumplings. I have more biga in the making...I would like to get good at this.

Must go. Have some work to take care of--but wanted to say hi.