Sunshiny morning

Love Letter (Liebesbrief) for Katharina Martin, Philadelphia Free LibraryThis little cutwork valentine is a present to all of you. Again, this is from the extensive and rich collection of the Philadelphia Free Library, a resource for inspiration and elucidation during dark days and long nights. However, with Valentines Day on the horizon, and a brilliant morning filled with blue and lavender shadows, bright sun spiking through the trees, Nature provides us the push and inspiration to take another step forward in our lives. It really is wonderful outside.

Gotta make this short. On to NYC via Shortline bus for a quick visit to the Society of Illustrators to help judge the Student Show.Not much to pack as the journey is short...and I have all my batteries and back ups ready so I can work with my phone on the bus along with the wonderful Kindle to read the lightweight books (intellectually speaking) that are such good reading for this sort of thing.

Got the crash and burn book done for The Museum of Glass and quickly ordered 25 from Lulu yesterday. Lulu has a nice new little patch you can add to one's acrobat to save all the files exactly the way they want them. So the normal futzing was reduced signifcantly....after finally saving the files to have them have rich blacks (which I always forget) and tweaking all the abbutments that happen to make it look more than the comp it really is. Phew. Did a quick schematic layout for a tradeshow and also finished up a nice quick book (20 pps) for my big client that took the layout that was rejected (many months with an agency) for here to there...

Jim O'Brien sent me a sketch book we are going to send back and forth to each other. I was wary that it would be anything more than another job, but am delighted to see that its a little prompt, a little goad and a little treat to work with him on this...inspiring and perhaps a mini channel changer.

Gotta go. Need to recheck my bags, get some money, have a conference call and hope on the big bus. I hope its not crowded! More later hopefully from my phone (forgive the blunders and botches)...!