Biga Bonanza

I must admit quite openly, that if you want to begin to bake bread that tastes like anything, please do not consult any other book than The King Arthur Bread book. My little happy biga, bubbling away, when added to the Pain Levain recipe created a bread that was, for a beginner, sublime. It looked, acted and tasted like sourdough!. And the make it now/later pizza dough was a hit really tasting and behaving like pizza dough. I think I am on to this.... the biga, the dough, the resting overnight in the fridge....soon the floured baskets, the spray bottle (none to be found in Ithaca in the beginning of February). I predict 25 lb. sacks of flour soon.... and baskets, and crocks galore of biga, baby biga, rye biga, and beega biga. This is infectious much so, that my superbowl guests are screaming and I am being the bad hostess (as usual) and talking to you!.

A pleasant and high rising night to you.