Quick note today

Moe, Q. Cassetti 2009, DigitialHad a great meeting yesterday with a new business entrepeneur. It was a lot of good ideas floating around, getting me fired up. I hope to have some time this week to reallly put my head down and give him the extensive looksee he deserves. Anyway, its keeping the gears spinning amidst the desktop project clutter that is nipping at my ankles. He showed a lot of interest in type...which was fun...and we both seemed to see through the same eyes on that...so maybe, just maybe, I can make him happy.

Lots of house activity. We have a new closet which was deadspace going into the old servant's kitchen...which now has become our little hearth to gather around when its cold. We finally have heat/radiators in that same room, so its a bit warmer and a lot more friendly even without the woodfired cricket blazing. The wood cookstove is getting ready to hook up. Just a few more tweaks and some fireproofing, and we are done.

I made a cibatta yesterday (along with its own, cibbatta biga) which turned out to be fine. Not spectacular, but fine. The other biga is brewing and bubbling. There is snow promised today...upwards to 7" which we deserve as we didn't get the snowfest they had in New Jersey, Philadelphia and points south.

Everyone brought home reportcards that were all very good. Kitty's attitude and work is great. Alex is the same with a 100 in Music Theory complete with a twinkle when he talks about it. We may be engaging (just a littlebit) but we will take it.

Just finished up American Illustration. Lets see if anything hits them. I hope that Moe does... After the judging which, selfishly was a tremendous kick to see what was out there, I came back on the bus saying I need to get back into the direction Moe and Curly pointed. Should be fun...but a lot of drawing...