Love is in the Air!

Block one: I do not wash my socks for they cause me to stick to walls. Block two: I am Spider Fellow, and I have an extra pair of limbs, I am hugging your back [possibly ass] and and am pouring [the word is lovko, which is in a sense clever for a physicial action. And its true... it is very lovko..] from my rantings on Lubok (Russian Folkloric illustration)?  To put it mildly, it rocks my world. The illustrations are funny, woodcutty and often twist the content a bit to exaggerate the idea. Very witty, very Russian and a tad perverse.

Here are the  two links: Lubok>> Sunday Doings>>

And the terrific blog, "A Journey Around My Skull" had an entry on Lubok work as well>>

Lubok-Russian inspired (Russian illustration style) basing these illustrations on current comic book/ science-fiction content.>>Very inspiring to this pen wielder. Brilliant.