Sunday doings

More Lubok from trolling the web. Inspiring stuff.

It's kind of been an "attack the piles" day. I processed a half bushel of apples into lovely pink applesauce last night. I turned left over rice into a nice rice pudding. The applesauce became part of the "Joy of Cooking" amazing applesauce cake. A selection from the fridge and new stuff became a meatloaf. I took the waiting pile of chicken bones and roasted them with onions, celery, carrots and leeks. Now I have those roasties in a pot on the top of the stove being rendered into stock. Rob made a calendar of things on the roster from now until Xmas. I itch with all the to dos. Two loads of laundry processed. All the white socks that have never been matched are now going to the trash. We have new bags for Sally's boutique (The Army). I need to make up a guest bed for friends of my inlaws (they are really entertaining). I have started a Christmas list to get in front of the purchasing and presents. This can get overwhelming if I don't get on it and have everything wrapped and ready by no later than Thanksgiving. I have started--but just.

I bought the card for valentines and need to do the art (psprint was having a good sale on folded cards this week...uncoated stock) and need to get the fun extra ordered too (a temporary tattoo!). Also should get a reorder of my buttons for fun (and for halloween?). This week. No kidding. The button folks, Busy Beaver, have glow in the dark buttons which are fun. I should figure out something to do with them.

Just finished Dan Brown's newest version of the DaVinci Code. Same premise, same Langdon, new "cult or crazy" , same female smartypants that is close to the "truth" or is the truth. Nice protagonist who loves tattoos and is an "illustrated man". I would say he is the big reason to read the book..just to hear about his masonic inspired symbols/illustrations all over his body/head etc. Other than that, read the DaVinci Code one more time. Am also chipping away at thises and thats in Fraktur...

Gotta go and keep the pots boiling. Sorry for this report of domesticity, but even the best of us need to succumb to these exercises.