new week

Sketchbook Project 10/24/2010, Q. Cassetti, sharpies.Today is the Hand of God Day. The power of the creative force. The power of the maker and the destroyer. The giver and taker of life….symbolized by the hand. Could be an interesting chapter to the sketchbook project. I love egyptian and indian hands…fifties hands…so this will give me a shot at making pix like this.

The image to the right is from the Sketchbook Project just as another blip and nod to the moving hand, the automatic writing going on.

I made some chicken stock yesterday and really took it easy with some downloading and filing of photographs. I really couldnt function. My head was spinning from the details and work of the week. I really couldnt get charged up about making Halloween happen, so I didn’t. It was miserable and snowing in spurts, and Rob was kind enough to let me off the hook.So we visited with Ron and Mary while Rob popped corn and  charged up the wood cookstove in the kitchen to make things cozier and warm. We kept the lights out of the main house (which can be threatening and scary). So, halloween was peaceful for us. Alex went off to friends for a huge bonfire (he proudly told me this morning that there was a wooden jungle gym crowning the top of this pile..!) which thankfully I didn’t know about or I would have been in a tizzy. But, he came home safe and sound demanding the opportunity to watch zombie movies (yuck) and eat pasta with basil pesto.

Rob is off to Denver today/tomorrow. Alex has state trials for Cross Country this week. I have lots of project work to do along with running here and there for the business. It is welcome to November, and there is lots of stuff to do around the holidays, cards, presents, etc. Not only for me and my business, but for my clients too. Oy. Getting nuts around that. Put it on the list!