From the Sketchbook Project, Q. Cassetti, 2010, sharpie and prismaIts been a quick weekend without much to point to to say “Facet”(latin for making something, accomplishing something). I must admit, I am pretty exhausted and wrung out, so that I am not much interested in anything but sleep and pushing a pen around making dumb pictures.

I got the sketchbook in the mail on Friday (done) and have started another one just to see what evolves. The sheer speed of making pictures that you cannot tear out and modify to make presentable is great. Plus the making of lines has been fun. New book: no tear outs, just sharpies, work fast, date the work. Lets see what evolves. Something will…I have to have faith in that.

Saw the great one act plays at the High School yesterday. Nice, very cute. The best one was centered around monkeys locked in a room with typewriters writing Hamlet. Very cute premise, very cute acting job. Wonderfully leggy, limber Jake P and Nick S. were fabulous as simians…ones that smoked cigarettes and spouted philosopy.

Alex and I joined Bruce and Rob at the Pourhouse for sandwiches and mingling with more neighbors. It was nice. We got home later to find Alex and his friends Alec and Jacob here to play video games and hang out. It has been nice for him to have these brothers to gather with.

Rob goes off to Denver and back tomorrow. I have endless phonecalls with my big client. I hope there will be a chance to enter more images in the SILA show. SOI is done. I wonder when CA is? I also think I may enter some logotypes into CA design to see if I can get them published too. I need to double duty these things with type. Speaking of my business….I am going to morph the public name of my business to Q. or Q. Cassetti (with the legal name staying Luckystone Partners) as my brand really is wrapped up with me and my work. With that, I am going to either pick up the “chop” of the Q that I already have…or work on a dagger Q. (you will see)…as a chop. When people call us, its that they are calling me and what I can bring to the table…so why skirt it? Right? This just hatched after talking to the Edible Finger Lakes people… and figuring that out. They came to me for my work. Same with the Hangar…and so on.

Thats it for today. Need to fire on different ships now.