Moving stuff off the top of the pile.

sketch in process for Hangar season, Q,Cassetti, 2010Working, as you can see on putting some work out there for the next season of the Hangar posters. I have a new point of view on these babies given the fall imagery that was generated for their Cabaretc programming. To be honest, it was a bit shocking to go from my work which I spent a lot of time on to elevate the imagery of the institution to something that was sophomoric, less than excellent and frankly suboptimal. It really put me right in my place and made me realize that the difference between excellent and less so was not really understood. So, I figure before I wrack my brain for perfection, I will cull from existing work and only do new when I don’t have anything in the files. This is the first go at some of the work that exists prior to designing the other 3 images.

Nice phone call with a possible new client from NYC. Might be another local foods products company (needing a chicken, a cow, a map and a few hand-drawn landscapes). Illustrations will be essentially the brand… and not a big rush. So, despite the fact that the money isn’t great, there is cash there and it will hopefully give me a nice new contact. I loved my contact….a smart sweetheart of a guy. We will see.

Got the go ahead on what a happy cat looks like. Sent my client four cats and asked them which cat was happy. The one to the right was the cat selected. The editorial from the big Vet was very cute and funny giving editorial on the cats I picked.

Have been whaling away with the sharpies in the new green notebook. Today is purple…a red purple from a few days of blue pens. Am loving these colors on the cream paper. Hand of God prevails. I am using the word FACET in the images to speak to making and creating. To me, The Hand of God is FACET or CREO (to create) or FACIO (to make). Love these odd mystery words plunked in the images. My sheer mistake, I made a fairly odd border of birds..(assymetrical) and have added type. All new for this cat right now.