Himmelsbrief: Dear God, send me a message.

Tired. More tired than usual....really want to put my head down on my desk and take a nap. This fatigue from waking up at night is so tedious...I am getting cranky. Maybe I am not getting cranky. Better. I am cranky. And my thoughts are blurring again.

Alex did a personal best last evening...placing third on our varsity team. He beat out his team nemesis...and then shook his hand at the end of the race and thanked him for pushing him forward. He hugged me when I got to the track, taking the apples from Kitty and me, hugging our dog...so I gather he was pleased we were there. Its the singular Tburg XC event which is always this signature day in early fall that the air sits lightly on the day, low heat, low humidity and ermine clouds with the promise of the full color blaze on the horizon.

Got my cheap 1GB sushi flash drives in the mail. I am delighted. I should test to see if they work. But for 1/5 of the going rate that these babies go for, I am pleased as punch. What fun at Christmas!

Kitty had drama/improv tryouts today. She was saddled with the tough person in the group and bless her, she took it in stride and tried to have some fun with it. She is the kindest person. She explained matter and thermodynamics (dumbed down entirely) which I enjoyed. There were some big God moments in that discussion.

I apologize for my brevity, it was just full tilt all day, and getting into a horizontal place before 10 is not an option given my fatigue. So forgive me, I must go.