Thursday thises and thats....

Celebrating the First Day of Autumn

I had a treat this morning when I picked up my apple share from Black Diamond Farm's fridge with a "help yourself" crate of glorious gala apples. So, the apples were a bonus enough for the morning, but somehow my timing was perfect as I had a chance to greet the family. Ian Merwin was full of energy, full of ideas and inspiration....made me want to sign up immediately for my next degree in Pomology...with his passion for teaching horticulture at Cornell, his pointing out the upside of his apples, and a quick review on colleges with an open style curriculm such as Reed College, Hampshire College...Evergreen. Next was Jackie...full of energy and ideas...letting me know that she and her daughter, Erica (now on the ballot to be the Town of Ulysses Clerk! Pls. vote for her on Nov. 3) were appalled (as was I) on the NPR story on natural gas. The way NPR portrayed natural gas, it was an obvious choice, it was the brave new world of energy resources despite the oilmen not interested until now as the economics of horizontal drilling and other processes (no mention of FRACing...the destruction of the landscape. the killing of the water resources) now make sense. NPR made it seem as mild as milk. We know that is not true.
These oilmen are infiltrating our neighborhoods trying to get any foothold into the shale and not telling the complete story to farmers who would love the money to make ends meet. Nothing on what the fracturing of the shale with chemically impregnated water does to the land, the water, and the water system. Nothing on the decision one land holder makes, impinges on the contiguous properties etc. We all are in this together, or not at all. We need to stop this stuff from happening in the Finger Lakes for the small change now...versus the irreversible destruction later. This is a subcrust version of strip mining. Not, an option.

Back to the apples. Kitty had a field trip to Black Diamond Farm with the Naturalist Club. Ian took them through the genealogy of his trees...this tree has these trees as the momma and the pops...and this tree has been grafted with that tree to make this spiffy apple. Kitty was taken with this deep red/brown apple called King that is used in cider making that has streaks of fermentation throughout its flesh...and has the flavor of licorice. Another apple tasted like cinnamon...and the gala for Kitty, stands alone. Yes, she tried all of the apples as Ian plied his pocket knife as part of the demonstration, showing the trees, and allowing a taste. He had them all in his thrall. I cannot imagine a happier moment than this sort of exposure with one of the best in his field, among the hometown kids...on a perfect clear fall day, standing in the orchards, talking about apples.( I am a bit biased as Ian spoke of his delight in teaching his Intro to Horticulture class at Cornell, and his pleasure in teaching this overview....He was so infectious, I was doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out how I could work this into my schedule....everything from apples to grasses, from flowers to plants...the first step in beginning to specialize...and what with Cornell's strength in the land of the could be amazing)....This is such a gift.

Kitty had two gifts today. The other was going to Smith Woods (our old growth forest) and doing environmental science quadrants. She told me of all the mushrooms and ferns, the trees and all the loveliness in the quadrant they had to sketch and remark on. Wow. I want to go back to school.

Alex is hopeful for chords in guitar class.

Churned through a pile of work today. No fun, whatsoever. The bow is part of a Xmas logotype and felt I could pull it over and put it on a box more to remind myself that I have this "part" in the scrap pile.

Tomorrow is finalizing things. Confirming ads. Getting files to 3x3 for the advertising. Searching for glass hurricanes (wholesale). Calling a printer or two. And having mini prayers for the outstanding holiday card that could hit the bricks at a minute's notice.