Rob is gone at a very cool conference at the Great Sagamore Camp in the Adirondacks. He called this a.m. and seemed so pleased and delighted in his environment and the activities to come. It was great to hear the lift and light in his voice.

Yesterday I hammered away at a big publication project as well as some small stuff on the horizon. Today, more on the big pub (trying to get it somewhere fast as the client may go ballistic though the copy took well over 3 mos to have happen). However, not to complain, at least its all in one place so we can really get the hammers and nails out and build this thing in one piece versus the "hang the door and then we'll build the wall" program we normally work with.

Met with a renaissance person yesterday who is very learned and very much living in that world. He is not loving the project he is working on and has reached the point that he wants to do something he has passion about. It was a fun topic because he is good at so much, so we talked about what about this, and what about that. I will help him the branding/logotype of one of these ideas. Should be an interesting process. He also knows quite a bit about grants and in particular, Fullbright fellowships. He suggested I think about going out and seeing if I could get one? Maybe one with Fraktur? Niche but nice.

Lineup for the Hangar Theater 2010 season is Man of La Mancha, 39 Steps, Penelope of Ithaca (a new performance written just for us!) The Piano Lesson and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Had a really energizing meeting with the creative director, Peter Flynn and Lisa Bushlow, executive director and their team and board members to think out where the images/show graphics need to go, their use, their placement.I am feeling really good about Penelope of Ithaca--greek urn red figure vases updated. Also, want to go a la Beggarstaff Brothers on the Man of La Mancha. Why not? The other illustrations seem less immediate.

Everyone is app crazy. McSweeney's (one of my favorite magazines) has thrown their hat into this ring>> .

gotta go. Alex has a high goal assigned by his coach for the XC (Cross Country) meet at our school. Kitty and I just bought a bushel of mixed cortland and macintosh apples for the team ($14/bu Kingtown Road Apples). We also bought a gallon of preservative free cider ($4). A taste of fall.