Mish mash mozzarella

This is the raw double happiness that I am going to edit with color/lines/tones.
I was looking at Chinese export china and want to better understand how the color worked--its a multiple series of weights of the same blue. Sometimes the grounds are a tinted grey green. Plus, the Chinese export illustrations and landscapes are divine. There could be some traction around a body of work generated from this adoration of these china patterns. I have always loved this blue and white pattern(s) and buy it whenever possible. I had a little stash of saucers and bowls that I brought home from San Francisco to feed this fire. So, this picture (with the double happiness symbol from Chinatown) speaks to these acquisitions...and the valentine theme.

Had a nice chat with Murray so that I can further describe the 80/20 rule in my thesis. He, as always, nailed it with good analogies and language. I wish I could be so smart and succinct. I got a great series of notes and feedback from Doug at Hartford which I can put into action. So, left foot, right foot. I am forward moving....I ordered my prizes to give out on graduation day (Luckystone Prizes). I don't think I can find the volume of luckystones to tie to each present...but we have some time and Kitty (with her eagle eyes) to comb the Luckystone beach for them. I am quietly pretty pleased with these prizes...and though small, they will, I hope, have some meaning.

I have "I love Fu", and the soon to be done" Double Happiness" for the San Francisco pictures. I am researching pigs as I still want to do the sleeping pig picture... I was also thinking of doing some silhouettes of the Chinese zodiac symbols (a la John Alcorn)--for the talk too. The sleeping pig might be vector...?~ Something to look forward to...

Ordered some great stuff from the Regional Access (local wholesaler to local restaurants that we locals can buy from). Alex is eating like a nut these days...devouring fresh mozzarella as if we have the mozzarella bush out back. So a big mozz is coming our way along with big containers of pesto and parm. to keep his engines stoked. The wonderful lady who took my order pointed up a great deal they have on natural (sold at GreenStar) chicken thighs (less than $2. a pound). She also told me about this 40 lb box of chicken ribs (perfect for soup she raved) . The entire box for $10.

Today was a mountain of small stuff. I am Sir Edmund Hillary standing on top of my tiny summit!