Natural History pranks.

Look at the scrollie ribbons on this thing...with the details interspersed from coffin to scythe. Flipped image/detail... And the hourglass (from the tombstones) winged (which some are) along with the more realistic skull, but gynormous shinbones that cross beneath/behind it. Ohhh, look at the skeletal hand holding something in the right and left corners. Sensational.

Up at the lake for the night and today. Rob is hoeing out Professor Wells' tool shed separating old chemicals and poisons from newer ones, metal and wood parts. Professor Wells was a professor of paleogeology at Cornell. He was a great collector of crap, a great maker of do-dads out of iron, and had a certain aesthetic which we lovingly refer to as "Wellsian". More of his touch gone....A- M E N. 

Rob discovered a nest of little robins which he showed us. These babies were quite remarkable as it was almost cartoonish where there was absolutely no visible bodies to these birds-- just these golden radiant suns (five of them) that were their beaks that if anything moved, they would immediately open--with a view down their throats. These yellow circles with views down their necks look like targets to drop the food into. No question what was going on there. If we didnt move it all, the little suns went away, and we saw tiny little brown and black heads, with eensy black beaks...all seemingly unrelated to the radiant suns. Freakish.

The trillium have opened as have the daffodils. We have forsythia with the lilacs being hard buds. Kitty filled all five bird feeders and two suet boxes so we should have wonderful birds flocking for our amusement and their pleasure. Just sited--3 male goldfinches, a female goldfinch and a thrush. Kitty found a skeleton and is bleaching it--wondering and watching, proclaiming its for her nascent Natural History collection. We have a single raccoon tail in the driveway independent of a pile of fur puffs under the trumpet vine. And I found two tiny bright blue crab claws (lake crabs>?) that are added to this collection. Kitty figured if RISD could have a natural history collection, why couldnt she? I am on board with this as it will give me permission to purchase moth earred taxidermy and know it has a welcome home. A Jackalope? What next?