chasing my tail

Erich out. The baby is coming...or at least his wife's labor has begun. So, its just me for a week or so. But this baby has been very polite in letting us get through a big chunk of work prior to taking her daddy away from us. I do have quite a bit to do for the two of us..

At the House of Health again! and to my pleasure, Big Red was running a training session down the inlet for their eight man crew teams. They were taking it easy until the coaches had them race each other which was remarkable and graceful. Brawny and yet so tenuous and delicate. Loved it. What a great way to get the old brain going.

Just bought the nice paper I used for the Syracuse thesis for this new Hartford paper. I am getting some sample output from Picture Salon--particularly 3 big ones ( on canvas/gallery wrapped 36" x 48"). How to handle the smaller ones...I am still working out. I have buttons to buy. Am thinking square...though I have found diamond and oval shaped buttons as well...(unfortunately a bit too big/horsey). And personal postcards, am on it (

Woke up around 2:30 am. today with all sorts of problem solving and thinking. I was thinking about a body of work on stripped down/silhouette based (with only 2 flat detail colors) for a deck of Chinese Zodiac images. How about a Utamari based illustration for San Francisco with cable cars and bridges designed into her clothing? The sleeping pig...vector or hand drawn? And solved taxes, savings etc. for today. Am thinking of quarterly / semi annual 6" x9" 16-24 pp promotional publications to promote a body of work like the Pushpin Graphic publication or even U&lc.

Its late, the day has fled...and I need to sleep.