Prom Mom

Yesterday it was hairdresser, corsages, Bakers Acres (for hanging baskets), drop offs, picture taking, delivery and then some. Kitty (in her $40. beaded dress) and her friend, Sarah (in a big green dress) were off on an adventure...and seemed at 5 a.m. to have had a lovely time filled with dancing, fashion, friends and fun. I was running support the entire time...but how often does one have a high school prom to go to. As you can see, both girls were lovely and we had a perfect day (with prime iris) to take pictures to capture the hairdos, dresses and lip gloss.

Alex, Rob and I had dinner and on the way back noticed filled parking lots around the Cass Park Ice Skating Rink! Roller Derby and the Sufferjets (our Ithaca team) were up against Rochester. We parked, paid our donation and were delighted by the antics, the Sufferjet cheerleaders (our own Ithaca kind in zip up maroon jumpsuits) and the crowned royalty of Trumansburg there in force, sitting in their folding chairs on the sidelines to watch the pulcritude and brawn that these gals exhibited. Everyone was into it...very funny and camp. The skaters had novelty names (Thea Pocalypse, Steel Candi for instance)--with great uniforms and a grit (along with black lipstick and mouth guards) that was remarkable. One false move and you could have a careening gal knocking you down. Legs are regularly broken (according to Amanda --dressed to show off her tattoos in a Sufferjet tank and a very cute utility kilt (maroon corderoy)--. She is threatening to start a team in Oneonta. That's our Mandy. Go to a new college and start a new club! Look out Hartwick...things are about to change!

Am being tortured by an illustration of a waterfall which I should be doing versus talking to you. And, from what my clock says, its time to cook dinner. Whoa. And, there is promise of a freeze all the plants and hanging baskets should come in this night!