dull Jack

Its been a long few days. I am busy plugging Peter's edits into my paper which is not much of a party. But it is good for me (like spinach). I am learning some new things, and it is all moving towards finish. One more round of edits...redraw of octopus...and I will be done! I am feeling a bit liberated, but not free yet. Still waiting for my imprinted pencils and stretched output (all but the octopus again), and my decorated shoes. It is a bit of the "Jack is a dull boy" for me as its been so focused and heads down.

I am struggling with another illustration of the local tall waterfall...If you don't get the reference right, the waterfall looks like a mass of ugly vertical stripes. So, I changed the reference and tried redrawing from that. Shot more reference this morning and hopefully it will work. Higher point of view and the water was not as frothy/swishy...more linear. The light was relatively flat which worked better to give me obvious highlights and shadows. As an aside, Shady accompanied me on my shoots. She was intrigued by the birds and critters at Taughannock--and with my encouraging her to jump up on a low wall...she jumped (this doggy girl must truly have springs in her back legs) a good six feet up on a much higher wall to begin to trek on something with a furry tail and a fondness for trees (anything for squirrels).

A week more of school. There are concerts, tests, and all sorts of closing out including SATs and ACTs. Wow...And we have to have the "distance team" party I promised to Alex that we would do before everyone separates before summer.
I called Cayuga Nature Center and am signing Kitty and Alex up for 2 full days of volunteering. There are tons of projects to do...and I dont want 5 full unscheduled days of teenagerdom this summer. Unscheduled means me driving the bus to the mall etc. and work not getting done. Yikes. The golf course is not a 9-5 x 5 days a week activity.

Need to go make some dinner. Maybe tonight will be another musical exploration into the diversity of Bob Dylan (Alex's new passion and Rob''s old fondness). You never know.