Saturday fun

Competed the Fu and this piece, Double Happiness late last night. Wanted to post for you. Want to do two more chinatown pieces if I have the chance between now and July. I might have the chance. I just love this stuff..and having a group of 4 or even 6 would be great. More work gets me better. I really futzed with these..and finally after not touching them for a while, got them to where they needed to go. Sleeping pig and waving cat are in the lineup. Maybe a cut paper dragon?

I have a page on Zazzle where I have taken some of my patterns and illos and repurposed them to custom Keds sneakers. Pretty cool. I will have the Double Happiness and Fu shoes for the SF crit in July. New resource for everyone. Its pretty great as you can (trying to figure it out) customize your page, create product (produced on demand), determine price and mark up...and no inventory whatsoever. And, it isn't Cafe Press which has the same sort of thing...only it seems so rote.

Got an out of print book of the love letters between Mark Twain and Olivia Langdon. I am beginning to fall in love with Mark Twain (I guess there are a world of people who are in love with him). Then the drawing for Nancy Stahl and Jean Tuttle. Surprisingly, marinating on this one is good. building some layers into this thinking and image.

This morning is prom hair and corages. Then it's prom prep and prom pics. Onward to promsportation. Then it's PROM Promrepast, promtastic promness. We get to wake up at 5 and pick them up. Between prom and afterprom is a bus promsportation. I guess one would say I am a PromMom.

Gotta run. The hot rollers await!