Connecticut people

Slow as molasses. I write this while I wait for the pc to boot up on this way secure line with passwords and special digital keys. Then, once I jump the hurtles of time and numbers, the chutes and ladders of this crazinesss, I finally can do some work. But as I wait, I figured I would multitask and get a little riff going here.

Am doing a bunch of little studies of little men. I was hoping to do a Flora valentine...but to be honest, I need to finish this thesis and get going on the Jean Tuttle/ Nancy Stahl research and sketch.

I need to research and illustrate (sketch for the class) a person from Connecticut or roots in Connecticut....Hmmm. I do love Mark Twain or better, his wife Olivia who was one of the founders of the University of Hartford....but then again, there are pirates and sea captains...maybe famous Shakers (Enfield Shakers?)? The lady above is Sister Mildred from the Endfield Shakers.However, Livy Clemens is a local celebrity here as she grew up in Elmira and I probably could get some originals to scan/shoot--reference that would be fresh. I have found some good ones...but maybe something poingnant and sweet. She was Mark Twain's heart...he wooed her and was always thinking and writing of and to her. She was a remarkable woman in her right--college educated, motivated and connected. She was one of the women that formed the nascent University of Hartford. So its a double hit with Elmira and with Connecticut.

Just had a mini scream fest over the most recent report card with Alex. Kitty I am waiting for. They think they are working hard and its "good enough" in their push to excel. Makes me tear my hair out in clumps.

Award event tonight. Must go.