Tuesday: split personality

Rob has my car today. The 15 yr old volvo smelled like gas and frankly when we bought it used it had it's issues, and now that it is ancient (or so the world thinks--I think something expensive like a car should last at least 30 years...but that is why i am not an economist or marketeer)---those issues have become overwhelming. Anyway, this is my round about way of trying to explain my little commuter man at the top who is popping up in my sketchbook. I am dating Jim Flora this week, and my love overfloweth.

Its been wild here as Erich is out for the unprojected second week post baby. Its hard for him (the lack of sleep) and the baby somehow doesnt want to cooperate and be perfect. She's hungry and insistent. So, like the radiant suns in our cupboard off the porch, she too is letting those big people know who is ruling that nest. So, to focus the light back on you know who (me), I am doing my job and Erich's job which is tough as the work I send out, comes back to me (flypaper, me) and then back and forth we go. Sometimes its tweaks ("change the dash to an em dash") but more often it's "the graphics didn't "grab" the chairman...on topics like power and such. Power is such a hard thing to depict as electricity, or Power and Glory americana ness such is so obvious. Symbols for power (at least traditional ones) are seeped in mythology and history which the common worker just does not track on. Maybe I should shift my focus to the celebrities of Inked, Dancing with the Stars or American Idol (none of which I watch)...There's power for you. Or that adorable Miss America having no ability to communicate anything other than what she was prepped for...or my favorite, Miss Teen South Carolina, really showing off:

Though, truly, the real power and the real "Miss World", British Idol contestant was Susan Boyle...someone not packaged, not prepped, and real symbol of talent, who blew people out of their chairs... it will be interesting how they package her to match her true talent and power.

Phone is ringing--designer, corrector, editor and receptionist job awaits.