Heads up.

I am posting my teensy sketches from the awards ceremony last night. These things can go on and on, but if I have a notebook in my lap and a juicy pen, the time passes quite pleasantly. The awards ceremony was nice as the kids that you thought would be on a rail back and forth to the stage last night were not rewarded so intensely. Wider range of kids..good choices. It makes me nuts that the hometeam is lackadaisical about the work, grades etc. They have decided that mediocre is fine...and as much as I harp on it...they refuse to acknowledge this. Both Rob and I work hard...and they have seen it since coming home from the hospital--so I don't understand why they do not even connect us with work. Or, maybe they do and this is there little pushback. We get it..and forget you. OY OY OY> They are making choices they will rue. But they are making them.

The goofy heads are evolving from the Flora model. The lady heads are using the Murray nose and bottom lip conventions--with a little promise for later. Am finishing up the thesis paper (checking, rewriting, renumbering) and plan to have this done by the end of the week to get out to the editors. Am fixing Fu dog by redrawing the type and adding some texture. Somehow the color is not printing right. I have cleaned the epson...maybe saving it as a jpg and printing that might help.I hate this aspect of the work that there is voodoo around printing, the humidity, the day of the week, the mood of the paper, the age and amount of ink... OY.

I am finally making little noodly steps out of the mire of work. No gym until I can see the boundaries and borders, edges and light. Right at it from 8 am until 7 or so each day. Ten minute lunches...Firing away. I feel good as I have been able to keep all the balls moving with uploads, amendments, new designs. I am lucky to have such thoughtful customers too.

Need to get some grown up paperwork done today. We have some deadlines that are definitely accomplishable, but an extra layer to the work. My prizes for Hartford are here. Need to find a ribbon to gussy them up with (along with my buttons? or maybe Hartford Buttons! Could do that...one more of those. But could.