Wednesday flying by

Man, am I moving on stuff today. Click, click, click. Wrote a bit on my thesis. Arranged the party for the cast and crew at a local restaurant. Just need to layout the flier. Figured out the finals on my flight to San Francisco next Saturday. Did a quick thing for a friend. Organized and created 2 fed ex. Called in a bunch of prescriptions. Rescheduled a few things. Talked to a client or two. Roasted last night's chicken carcass with a mess of veggies and now have it on to simmer with water.

The job that the client found me by googling birds now has a signed contract and direction. Sounds like I may need to really crank it up and do it fast. A fun nice way to spend a day...albeit I am feeling a bit pressed with other work. Am trying to finish up the food project...and have spent a ton of time on it. I hope they like it..though it could be sad if they ditch it. They didn't ask for this, but my thinking is to present better and see where they go. Should be sweet.

Have a cute new valentine I am dying to do...fits the rest of the group. It was great seeing the work yesterday (yes, entered BOTH CA and 3x3...some big bucks out the door)--and may send a few things to CA design. I have decided against Print Magazine. Too old fashioned. Really love the online entry thing. Sure, it takes time--but at least it isnt tracking samples down, xeroxing, cutting and pasting, taping and cross checking to finally write a check and fed ex out things that will go in a landfill. With electronic entries, its sweet and quite smooth...CA's platform is very sweet and very visual.

Gotta go.