Tuesday: leaning into it

Just back from the dentist in Corning. It was a bit slick until Watkins...and then beautiful sailing til Corning and back. It was colorfully winter--with purple, blue, deep brown and golden. I came home the long way by Seneca Lake until the little turn off to take me through the Finger Lakes National Forest--with deer, and fields and trees. The deep blue lake had whitecaps with a layer of ice by the shore. There were limbs off some of the peach trees in Peach Orchard. Also, a distillery is opening on the uphill side of the west side of Seneca...new news. It is still definitively Winter..no buds, no yellow haze around the willow trees, yet... Yet.

Am trying to get my submissions to CA Illustration 50 and to 3x3 before the trip on the 16th. It is a real mental review to do this...and is revealing about what the last year was about (and CA makes it a bit more interesting as it is March to March vs January to January. So, some of the stuff I am leaning into right now can qualify. It always is surprising all the time that gets eaten up with these shows--but hey, I have to believe there may be some pay off...beyond the satisfaction of getting into some of them. Lisa Cyr is doing an article on Hartford for the CA Illustration Annual and needs some information/stories/ testimonials which I owe her too. I did a bit of thinking about this text and feel that there is an overlay on what HAS has done for you that is part of the thesis...so if I write it a little bit more carefully than the regular slop...I may be able to repurpose this.

Murray weighed in with some good insight on a valentine. So, this weekend, this will change out. Working on a hand drawn picture (need better reference ...hope to get today) of Alex Cassetti for a valentine , one of my valentines. it is wild to do an inking job with white out versus the vector job...I feel a bit like a pig on ice with this....too wild, too fast, too fluid and there is a wild thrill that goes with this. The sketch yesterday (below) is first blush. Big thing, need new reference. Feels good that it's only Tuesday!