No IF today

Couldn't bear it. Am way too balled up about all the stuff on my plate and the nine million illustrations I want to do before the end of next week to even consider the time around the entry, the finishing, the everything else. Nice news came via email yesterday. The Memento Mori Study that got into the Society of Illustrators Show (#51)was invited to travel in the selection of pieces from the entire event (3 shows)until August 2010. So, we thanked the Society, did the paperwork and Memento Mori is free to travel the world in style and return to me via Fed Ex around the same time our little Princess Kitty will be going off for her freshman year in college. YIKES>

Have been working on some names for a client with lots of No, this, no that in the name. I think I have come up with something that will work, that is really about the world they are in and, if that's not enough says Quality without having to say it. One Two Three...all they need to do is pat me on the head and say, "good girl" and I will wag my tail and collect a check (I hope).

I have struck all sorts of things off my list. I have conquered not falling off the elliptical trainer and almost am enjoying the experience. Am scheduling and rescheduling--looking toward the imminent summer and the planning for stuff for our High Schoolers to do, say, move on.

Am cleaning up the rose valentine. Copy this weekend. Am working on a birdhouse valentine (bits and pieces) and a thistle one as I couldnt resist using the intertwining thing. Also working on my bicoastal bird project. Trying to get the tissue right before we get going in the actual production. Am a bit anxious around this..breathe.