perfect morning

It was a beautiful, warm and perfect wedding. The rain didn't happen, but the landscape of dramatic clouds only enhanced the day...floating as large ships in the brilliant blue sky. The bride was beaming and absolutely stunning. The groom exuded happiness. The best man read poetry, particularly one about New York State and marriage which was a life travelogue combined with the best writing onf the region I've ever heard. There was reading and poetry, singing and the processional/ recessional duet of violin and guitar.

After sniffling and tearing up, we had the afternoon to gather. There were lots of babies and little children who behaved --and were a source of amusement and added to the happy environment. There was a tent with tables/tablecloths and lovely arrangements of farmers market fresh flowers with bright pink napkins embracing a pair of white cookies for a favor. Friends brought salads, and there was barbeque and hot sides too. Long John and the Tights played. Later in the afternoon, a game called cube (quebe?) was brought out and 4-5 games were started where people toss 2"x2"9" pieces of wood to try and knock stakes down. There were lots of grand people in their finery with their shoes off...heavily engaged in this.

I took a zillion pictures and loved talking to the tribe. It was great.

We came back and monkey-itis happened. About an hour on that and it was time to sleep.

I just got up (late!) to see our friend Peter has arrived as his herreshoff boat is tied to our dock.

Gotta go